5 Bad Habits You Should Avoid If You Want a Clean Home

A clean home is a healthy home, and this is why homeowners do their best to keep their houses as spotless as possible. Yet, it doesn’t mean they’re always successful. As most people are busy with work, school, and life in general, there are things that are often sacrificed – tasks that are not on the priority list. Often, cleaning the house is not on anyone’s top things to do in a day.

But what’s worse than not being able to clean the house is developing habits that contribute to the mess! The chances are that you might not be aware that you have these habits, too. For this reason, the house cleaning experts at the Vegas Greener Cleaners will share five bad habits that you must avoid to achieve a cleaner home sooner:

Bad Habit #1: Keeping Paper Clutter

Do you like to keep flyers, bills, or old magazines? Perhaps you even have your kids’ school work from years ago somewhere in the house. The thing about paper clutter is that you never seem to realize that they contribute to the problem, and it can accumulate fast!

The solution to this is to have an organizational system. Have at least two baskets – one for important papers and another for items that will go to the recycling bin. Then, every week, go through the file for keeping to see if there’s anything there that you could already recycle. Don’t forget to take out the recyclables on a weekly basis, too.

Another thing you can do to minimize paper clutter is to take digital photos of your kids’ work or have them framed. You can also take photos of all your important bills and receipts for record-keeping.

Bad Habit #2: Leaving Dirty Dishes

A kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes is an eyesore. But aside from that, they could also attract cockroaches, ants, and even rodents into your home. That’s the last thing that you want to happen, so make sure you never go to bed with dirty dishes on the sink.

What you can do is create a chore schedule so that you, your partner, or your kids, can take turns doing the dishes. Another effective way to avoid piles of dishes is to have everybody in the house do their own dishes after each meal.

Bad Habit #3: Keeping Leftovers in the Fridge

What’s wrong with this, you might ask? Well, nothing really, if you actually eat your leftovers the following day so that nothing goes to waste. But if you tend to have leftover food from last week stashed in the fridge, it’s a sign that your family might not be that much into leftovers.

That means you’re only storing food that will be put to waste. When they’re in the refrigerator for weeks, mold and bacteria can easily grow.

There are two ways to address this issue. One is to make it a point to cook just enough for the family so that there won’t be any leftovers. If there’s any, perhaps you can share with friends or neighbors. Another is to ensure that any leftovers in the fridge are consumed the next day.

Bad Habit #4: Putting Off the Cleaning for Another Day

Many people look around their homes and think the house isn’t that messy yet and that they can still delay the task for a few days or so. But the problem here is that the clutter that you could have cleared would only accumulate until you actually decide to clean the house. By then, the chore would be overwhelming. 

Make it a habit to look around every room in the house daily, pick up toys and other clutter, do a little dusting, and do some sweeping. By doing so, there won’t be a chance for the house to get messy, and your chores won’t overwhelm you.

Bad Habit #5: Leaving the Bed Unmade

You might think it’s a little thing, and it might be, but know that no matter how clean the rest of the bedroom is, if your bed is unmade, the entire space is going to look messy. Challenge yourself and the rest of the family to make the beds first thing in the morning for a month or two, and before you know it, the habit has already stuck with everyone!


Maintaining a clean house can be a challenge if everybody is already occupied with work or other matters. By taking on the challenge of correcting the bad habits mentioned above, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your home clean and organized. Of course, your efforts can only go so far. To achieve a thoroughly clean home that’s free of clutter as well as germs, be sure to only get professional cleaning services from a reputable company.Vegas Greener Cleaners can provide you with affordable house cleaning in Las Vegas without compromising the quality of service. Contact our team today to learn more about our services!


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