Finding the Best Commercial Cleaning Service for You—4 Tips

Having a squeaky clean office benefits you, your employees, and your customers. Outsourcing your cleaning services is the best, most practical choice—you get to have professionals that have all the knowledge and expertise in keeping business spaces clean 24/7.

But when a dozen commercial cleaning companies show up on your local Google search, how do you choose the best one for you?

What Does a Commercial Cleaning Company Do?

A commercial cleaning company is a third-party vendor that provides custom cleaning programs for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. Cleaning services can be performed during the day or after hours, depending on what you need. Tasks can range from standard trash removal and window cleaning to monthly deep cleaning and more.

Here are five tips for finding the best commercial cleaning service for your business:

1. Do Your Due Diligence

As with hiring any commercial service, you have to do thorough research. Create a shortlist and look for each company’s experience and qualifications. It’s best to work with cleaners with a well-established local reputation who have been in the business for more than a handful of years. Gauge their trustworthiness by seeking out first-hand references as well.

The company website should have details about their service qualifications, allowing you to determine if they’re equipped for the service you need. Some only offer industrial cleaning services, but not residential—or vice versa. If you need specialized medical cleaning services, a standard industrial cleaning company will not be able to provide them—so make sure to check for these first before contacting them!

2. Ask for a Price Quote

Getting a bid or price estimate is a necessary step before hiring any third-party service. A high-quality cleaning company will provide you with a quote that clearly and straightforwardly lists all their services, materials, and equipment. Daily cleaning may differ from deep cleaning costs. All expenses must be laid out in explicit terms so you will not have any trouble with financials in the future!

If your prospective cleaning company hands you a quote that is difficult to parse, it’s best to take them off your shortlist. A company that can’t impart understandable information will likely be unable to deliver effective services.

3. Fine the Best Value for Price

One of the most challenging things about outsourcing any service is balancing price and value. You don’t want to go over budget, but you want to be assured of a high-quality team to do the work. This is why doing your due diligence and getting quotes from multiple prospects is valuable—it shows how certain companies work internally.

A suspiciously low quote from a newly established cleaning company likely means that they’re luring in clients by being cheap. It likely also means that their staff isn’t being appropriately compensated, or they might be using subpar cleaning materials! On the other hand, agreeing on a higher price with a well-established company will only benefit you in the long run with consistency and high-quality cleaning.

4. Employee Screening

Third-party commercial cleaners will be in your building after hours, so it’s essential to hire a cleaning company that does thorough background checks on their employees. Safety should be one of your main priorities, and your cleaning service should be able to assure you that they take all of your security concerns seriously!


A clean, professional-looking office is vital to everyone that spends any time in your business space. An excellent commercial cleaning company should provide you with trained, qualified professionals to give you the thorough, consistent service that you need to keep your property presentable at all times!

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