Here Are the Common Places at Home That You Forget to Maintain

Every time you initiate a general cleaning of your household, you usually get to work and follow a routine you’ve grown accustomed to—which often involves cleaning everything you see in a room. Such routines usually consist of dealing with the laundry, a mountain of dirty dishes, and a dusty carpet.

The moment you put away everything and accomplish your errands, you think you’re done for the day, and you can finally take some time off to recover. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten about the parts of your home that you don’t always consider because you don’t notice them!

Home cleaning isn’t only about handling your tasks and working in the areas of your house that you can see—it’s also about remembering the specific places you don’t frequently notice. Keep reading below to learn about these places that you tend to forget requires maintenance too.

The Underside of Your Furniture

Every time you clean the area around your bed or couch, it may be a given habit to check underneath them for any signs of dust build-up. If you think that’s all you need to do, then you’re terribly mistaken—you have to spend some effort ensuring the area below your furniture is spotless by lifting to see if their underside has any dirt and dust.

If it’s your first time to do so, you can expect a copious amount of filth sticking to your bed frames, table braces, and even your chair seats. To avoid witnessing that scenario, work to eliminate the grime with a vacuum or dusting wand at least twice a year.

Your Walls and Baseboards

You can witness dust and all sorts of dirt particles fall over vertical surfaces the same way it affects horizontal scopes. If you take time to do so, you will notice how dirty your walls are, that it will make you instantly regret why you didn’t clean them any sooner!

To clean your walls, you can begin using a duster at the very top of it and work your way downwards to make sure you don’t leave behind any muck. Don’t forget to wipe across light switches and doorknobs for good measure! You can end by cleaning your baseboards, as these tend to trap more dust on their ledges. 

On Top of Your Door Frames and Cabinets

Every time you clean out your house, it’s possible that you keep your focus on the things and spaces in front of you that you sometimes forget to look at the places that are beyond your area of vision. It involves maintaining the top of door frames, kitchen and storage cabinets, picture frames, and ceiling corners.

When cleaning the ceiling, you should consider your light fixtures and any ceiling fans and use a duster with an extended handle to give you an easy time dealing with hard-to-reach places. You want to make sure you eliminate any dust and cobwebs present to keep them from falling on you and affecting your health as well.


Maintaining the cleanliness of your home requires you to look past the common areas you find dirty and remember the nooks and crannies you seem to forget to wipe, dust off, and sanitize. If you don’t have the free time to take care of everything on your own, you can consider hiring cleaners near you to perform the necessary services to lighten your load and take care of your home the way you want them to do. 

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