How to Keep the Office Pantry Clean and Sparkly at All Times

If there is one comforting corner in every office, many agree that it is the office pantry. Office pantries are created for the same purpose—to act as a place where employees can sit down, gather together, and relax. After all, pantries contain coffee, snacks, and other appliances, and few things are as comforting in the workplace as food. It is the place that boosts people’s productivity and morale. 

However, since pantries involve food and possible crowds, it is only ideal to keep this place spotless and clean. If not, bacteria can grow fast in this area, and the employee can spread them around the office. 

Before this spread of germs turns into infection and sickness, make sure to prevent this by ensuring your office pantry stays clean. Here are some tips on how to make that possible:

  • Let Everyone Do Their Share of Cleaning

Everyone uses the pantry, so it only makes sense to require them to clean as they go. If the whole office relies on only a few cleaners, keeping it clean 24/7 requires checking the place each time or having standby cleaners watching over the place. 

On the other hand, asking the employees to do their fair share of cleaning can keep the place neat and tidy at all times. Deep cleaning the pantry would be more manageable for the sanitation staff, and it would also be safer for everyone. 

  • Always Have Cleaning Tools and Materials Available

Asking your employees to clean up after themselves would be easier to implement if there are existing cleaning materials and tools near the pantry. Ensure you supply the office with the things they need, such as paper and cloth towels, dish brush, dish liquid, trash can liners, cleaning sprays, and the likes.

  • Wash Things Immediately

People are used to letting all the dishes stay in the sink for too long. However, doing that could create breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Tell all employees to wash their dishes as soon as they finish using them. Unwashed dishes may also invite more bacteria and even rodents and cockroaches to the area. 

  • Display Your Rules

Sometimes, having rules printed out can serve as a good reminder and way to communicate people’s duties. 

  • Let Professionals Do the Cleaning of the Office Pantry

We recommend all employees to do their part in the cleaning process, but it is not enough. You still need to do deep cleaning every once in a while to kill the germs and bacteria thriving in all corners of the office. By doing this, you can ensure the health of everyone in the office.


Hiring professional cleaning ensures that the whole pantry will be clean and ready for subsequent use. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you can ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and washed, freeing them from bacteria, molds, and germs. They know how to keep the place clean and healthy for all employees. 

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