5 Reasons You Should Use Natural Cleaning Products

There are many products that claim to be natural cleaning products. Yet, these products claim to function as efficiently or better than popular, more harmful cleaning products. This is clearly a misconception about natural cleaning products. While you may save money by going green and avoiding popular brands of toxic chemical cleaners, your home cannot normally be cleaned to the same level of cleanliness.

  1. Natural cleaning products are safe for everyone in your family (humans and pets)

Most store-bought cleaning products are full of chemicals that can be harmful. They can irritate the skin, lungs, and eyes. They can also cause headaches, nausea, asthma, and other health issues. The good news is that you don’t need those toxic products to clean your home. Natural cleaning products are just as effective as store-bought cleaners, but they’re safer for you, your family, and the environment.

  1. They’re better for the environment.

There are a lot of reasons to use natural cleaning products, but the most important is that they’re better for the environment. Many conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that aren’t good for the environment (and also your health) as they can contribute to air and water pollution, as well as being a potential health hazard.

There are many wonderful natural cleaners available, including many that smell great. Be sure to choose products that are safe for you and the environment. And don’t worry if you have allergies — there are plenty of cleaners that do not contain any artificial perfumes or scents.

  1. Using natural cleaners is healthier for your wallet.

Many natural cleaning products such as baking soda and vinegar are inexpensive, so you can make your own “green” cleaners at home in bulk and save money in the long run.

  1. Natural cleaners will make your home smell better.

The fragrance of a cleaning product might make you feel clean, but it may also mask some pretty nasty chemicals. Conventional cleaners often contain toxins like formaldehyde and phthalates, which have been linked to a host of health problems ranging from allergies and asthma to cancer.

One of the best reasons to switch to natural cleaning products is that they will make your home smell better. That’s because they won’t be filled with toxic chemicals, which can irritate your lungs and make your nose run. When you use natural cleaners, your home will smell like lemons or oranges instead of chemicals.

  1. There are ingredients in natural cleaners that help fight germs, mold, and bacteria naturally.

There are ingredients in natural cleaners that help fight germs, mold, and bacteria naturally. Essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon have disinfected properties (not to mention they smell great). Vinegar is acidic and can kill some types of bacteria.

You can make your own cleaners, but keep in mind that since you’re not adding preservatives, you’ll need to use them up quickly or risk them going bad.

Conclusion: Don’t ruin your home with unnatural chemicals!

It's difficult to switch over to natural cleaning products. Many of them require you to adjust your routine, and routines are funny things. It takes time to train yourself or your cleaning crew on these new products and methods. But, in the long-run, natural cleaning products should help keep your home healthier while also using less of those harmful chemicals and materials. And that’s something worth striving for if you ask me!

Top 3 Natural Cleaning Products You Need

Who wants to live in a dirty home? Nobody, that’s who. These days, almost everything in your house is cleanable with the help of various cleaning products. But you don’t have to use chemicals to achieve clean results. In fact, there are top 3 natural cleaning products are much better for you and for your family as well.

I want to share my top 3 natural cleaning products because I truly think they can make a tremendous difference in your home.

 What are Natural Products?

We made natural cleaners from ingredients that can be found in nature or in our kitchen cabinets. Some of the most commonly used natural cleaning products include baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, salt, lavender oil, lemon peels, and essential oils.


Vinegar can be used for so many things. It’s honestly amazing. If you’re looking for a good, all-purpose cleaner, vinegar is something that you should always have in your house. Since vinegar is acidic, it works great to remove rust. It also does a great job of breaking down grease and cutting through soap residue. If you have a hard time getting rid of stains on your carpet or in your clothes, vinegar can help you remove them. 

The best thing about vinegar is that it doesn’t have any negative side effects like the other products on this list do. It’s safe to use around children and pets, but it can still get the job done if you need to clean up after them too!

Olive Oil 

I have been using olive oil as a natural cleaning product for several years now. I first learned about it when I read The Wholesome Cookbook. Olive oil is wonderful to use because we can use it in so many ways. Here are some of how I use it: 

Cleaning Produce and Fruit: 

I use a little olive oil to clean off produce like apples and potatoes before eating them. It makes the fruit taste so much fresher! Just rub a little olive oil on your hands, then rub the produce along with your hands. Then just wash your hands as you normally would. 

Cleaning metal and glass:

I use the end of a paper towel to apply olive oil to my stainless steel sink, then wipe it down with another paper towel. This will leave your sink shiny and fingerprint-free! You can also use this method of metal silverware and glass cookware.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is one of the most popular natural cleaning products you can use in your home. There are so many ways you can use it. You can clean your refrigerator, oven, microwave, flooring, and much more with baking soda. This ingredient is very cheap and an all-natural way to get rid of all the nasty things in your house. These are three significant reasons you should start using baking soda as one of your primary cleaning products today.


No matter what type of house you have, you can reduce the number of toxic chemicals in your home. And by using natural cleaning products, you will not only be reducing the harmful chemicals and toxins in your home but also money spent on cleaning products too.

Guide To Natural Cleaning Ingredients and Their Benefits

With so many natural cleaning ingredients out there, selecting the best ones for your home can be a little overwhelming. Chances are you already have some of the best natural cleaning ingredients around your house, so here is your guide to natural cleaning ingredients and their benefits.

What do you actually need to know about natural cleaning ingredients?

Many people are switching over to natural cleaning products. Some people want to avoid harmful chemicals, while others want to save money. The average cleaning product from the store can be pretty harsh on your home and your health. Natural cleaning ingredients are much gentler on you and your home.

Natural ingredients are exactly what you’d think they are — substances that occur either in nature or because of natural processes. These ingredients aren’t always safer than their chemical counterparts, but they are less toxic. They’re often similar in price compared to regular cleaning products, although many natural ingredients can be used in place of multiple chemicals, so they might save you money in the long run.

Natural cleaning ingredient list

The best way to clean is to prevent messes. But this is easier said than done. That’s why you need cleaning products. If you have gone naturally with your cleaning products, then you need a guide to help you with all the ingredients out there. Here is a list of the best natural cleaning ingredients and their benefits: 

White Vinegar—White vinegar is a popular ingredient in many natural recipes for cleaning. It helps cut grease and can used as an all around cleaner for your kitchen or bathroom. We have also found vinegar to work well on coffee and tea stains on cups and mugs. 

Baking Soda—Baking soda comes in handy as an all-purpose cleaner, but it can also gently remove soap scum from shower doors and tile grout. Baking soda also works great for unclogging drains, sinks, garbage disposals, and drains. 

Lemon Juice—Lemon juice is another popular natural cleaner which has antibacterial properties that make it great at killing germs and removing stains. We can even use a bit of lemon juice mixed with olive oil as furniture polish! 

Castile Soap—A natural alternative to bleach, Castile soap can disinfect surfaces and remove stains.

The benefits of each natural cleaning ingredient

Now, I want to share with you some natural cleaning ingredients and their benefits. There are many benefits to making your own cleaning products.

1. It saves money!

2. There are no harsh smells or fumes when you make your own cleaners.

3. There are no harsh chemicals that are absorbed into your skin when you clean (which is why I prefer to use gloves when I am cleaning).

Key works to remember when using natural cleaning ingredients

Here are some of the key works to remember when using natural cleaning ingredients: 

It’s unnecessary to go out and buy every single product listed here. Instead, think about your current cleaning routine and figure out which products you could replace with natural alternatives.

Use the internet. The best way to learn about natural cleaning ingredients is to look them up online. There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to this topic, so use them to your advantage!

Recipes are a good place to start. It's fun to search online for homemade recipes that include the ingredients you’re interested in trying out. Not only will you get new ideas, but you might also discover a product that’s already in your home that can be used as a cleaning ingredient!

Start slow. Don’t suddenly go from using chemical cleaners to only using natural ones without giving yourself time to adjust. It’s better to replace one product at a time instead of changing several at once.

Buy in bulk if possible. It’s better for the environment and cheaper in your wallet if you’re able to buy large quantities of natural products in their most concentrated form.


You now know what items we need for a natural cleaning regime, and the various benefits you can expect from using naturally derived ingredients. Now it’s up to you to get started and see what kind of difference natural cleaning can make.

Here are Reasons You Need Cleaning Experts to Help with Your Move

If you’re planning to move out of your old place soon because you’ve found a better location for you and your family, you can expect to go through a long process during your moving out. You will have to pack your things and hire movers and a cleaning company to make your job less tiring while you focus on other important things to make your move successful.

Unfortunately, you can’t concentrate on the move the whole time because you still have responsibilities to face during the final weeks and days leading up to your scheduled move. With the help of professionals, you can get them to take over the moving and cleaning duties while you get everything sorted out until you’re ready to go.

One of the most important things you must remember when leaving your old home for a new place is ensuring your old house looks the way it was when you first occupied it. Keep reading below to find out why opting for cleaning services is the answer to solve your problems and make your move something to look forward to without leaving any baggage behind. 

They Can Help Reduce Your Stress of Moving

Moving to a new home can indeed leave you feeling swamped because you don’t know where to begin, so you end up not doing anything on your to-do list. Only when you’re weeks away from your move do you begin to feel the panic and start to rush moving and cleaning simultaneously.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case when you call for house cleaning. You can avoid stress by letting professional cleaners take over while you tend to your needs, giving you a peaceful time during your last few weeks in your old home while they stay busy cleaning.

They Can Let You Focus on Your Priorities

Whether your old home requires regular cleaning or deep cleaning, you can expect to spend a good portion of your time and dedicate it to ensuring you leave your place spotless. But if you already have a lot of things on your plate to take care of, it will be best to subtract cleaning from your tasks because you can always hire house cleaning services.

Now that you have one less problem to worry about, you can set your priorities straight—pay your bills, leave your job, hire movers, pack your things, and run last-minute errands. Besides that, you can prepare for your new place by learning about your neighborhood and finding out nearby establishments, such as hospitals, schools, and malls, that are considered essential.

They Can Make Packing Things More Efficient

When you’re in the middle of packing and you’ve put away your cleaning equipment by mistake, you can forget that you still need them to sanitize your home. As a result, it will be a hassle to open your boxes again. Instead of going through the stress of looking through packed boxes, home cleaning experts can come to the rescue and perform all the necessary cleaning.

That way, you can spend all of your extra time managing your belongings, securing boxes, and eliminating your worries because you don’t have to deal with the mess you leave behind. In fact, professionals can let you accomplish your packing first, so once the house is empty, that’s the perfect time for them to come in and work on cleaning the place from top to bottom.


Moving from your old place to a new one often has many challenges, but it can be an exciting decision if you guarantee to have the right people working with you to make it easier. When you hire cleaning services, they can help reduce your stress, let you focus on your priorities, and make packing more efficient for you because they’ll take over the cleaning the whole time.

Are you looking to hire cleaners in Las Vegas, NV, for your upcoming move? Vegas Greener Cleaners delivers high-quality green cleaning services, including residential, office, and vacation rental cleaning purposes. Get in touch with us today to book our cleaning services!

5 Bad Habits You Should Avoid If You Want a Clean Home

A clean home is a healthy home, and this is why homeowners do their best to keep their houses as spotless as possible. Yet, it doesn’t mean they’re always successful. As most people are busy with work, school, and life in general, there are things that are often sacrificed – tasks that are not on the priority list. Often, cleaning the house is not on anyone’s top things to do in a day.

But what’s worse than not being able to clean the house is developing habits that contribute to the mess! The chances are that you might not be aware that you have these habits, too. For this reason, the house cleaning experts at the Vegas Greener Cleaners will share five bad habits that you must avoid to achieve a cleaner home sooner:

Bad Habit #1: Keeping Paper Clutter

Do you like to keep flyers, bills, or old magazines? Perhaps you even have your kids’ school work from years ago somewhere in the house. The thing about paper clutter is that you never seem to realize that they contribute to the problem, and it can accumulate fast!

The solution to this is to have an organizational system. Have at least two baskets – one for important papers and another for items that will go to the recycling bin. Then, every week, go through the file for keeping to see if there’s anything there that you could already recycle. Don’t forget to take out the recyclables on a weekly basis, too.

Another thing you can do to minimize paper clutter is to take digital photos of your kids’ work or have them framed. You can also take photos of all your important bills and receipts for record-keeping.

Bad Habit #2: Leaving Dirty Dishes

A kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes is an eyesore. But aside from that, they could also attract cockroaches, ants, and even rodents into your home. That’s the last thing that you want to happen, so make sure you never go to bed with dirty dishes on the sink.

What you can do is create a chore schedule so that you, your partner, or your kids, can take turns doing the dishes. Another effective way to avoid piles of dishes is to have everybody in the house do their own dishes after each meal.

Bad Habit #3: Keeping Leftovers in the Fridge

What’s wrong with this, you might ask? Well, nothing really, if you actually eat your leftovers the following day so that nothing goes to waste. But if you tend to have leftover food from last week stashed in the fridge, it’s a sign that your family might not be that much into leftovers.

That means you’re only storing food that will be put to waste. When they’re in the refrigerator for weeks, mold and bacteria can easily grow.

There are two ways to address this issue. One is to make it a point to cook just enough for the family so that there won’t be any leftovers. If there’s any, perhaps you can share with friends or neighbors. Another is to ensure that any leftovers in the fridge are consumed the next day.

Bad Habit #4: Putting Off the Cleaning for Another Day

Many people look around their homes and think the house isn’t that messy yet and that they can still delay the task for a few days or so. But the problem here is that the clutter that you could have cleared would only accumulate until you actually decide to clean the house. By then, the chore would be overwhelming. 

Make it a habit to look around every room in the house daily, pick up toys and other clutter, do a little dusting, and do some sweeping. By doing so, there won’t be a chance for the house to get messy, and your chores won’t overwhelm you.

Bad Habit #5: Leaving the Bed Unmade

You might think it’s a little thing, and it might be, but know that no matter how clean the rest of the bedroom is, if your bed is unmade, the entire space is going to look messy. Challenge yourself and the rest of the family to make the beds first thing in the morning for a month or two, and before you know it, the habit has already stuck with everyone!


Maintaining a clean house can be a challenge if everybody is already occupied with work or other matters. By taking on the challenge of correcting the bad habits mentioned above, you’ll have a better chance of keeping your home clean and organized. Of course, your efforts can only go so far. To achieve a thoroughly clean home that’s free of clutter as well as germs, be sure to only get professional cleaning services from a reputable company.Vegas Greener Cleaners can provide you with affordable house cleaning in Las Vegas without compromising the quality of service. Contact our team today to learn more about our services!

How to Keep the Office Pantry Clean and Sparkly at All Times

If there is one comforting corner in every office, many agree that it is the office pantry. Office pantries are created for the same purpose—to act as a place where employees can sit down, gather together, and relax. After all, pantries contain coffee, snacks, and other appliances, and few things are as comforting in the workplace as food. It is the place that boosts people’s productivity and morale. 

However, since pantries involve food and possible crowds, it is only ideal to keep this place spotless and clean. If not, bacteria can grow fast in this area, and the employee can spread them around the office. 

Before this spread of germs turns into infection and sickness, make sure to prevent this by ensuring your office pantry stays clean. Here are some tips on how to make that possible:

Everyone uses the pantry, so it only makes sense to require them to clean as they go. If the whole office relies on only a few cleaners, keeping it clean 24/7 requires checking the place each time or having standby cleaners watching over the place. 

On the other hand, asking the employees to do their fair share of cleaning can keep the place neat and tidy at all times. Deep cleaning the pantry would be more manageable for the sanitation staff, and it would also be safer for everyone. 

Asking your employees to clean up after themselves would be easier to implement if there are existing cleaning materials and tools near the pantry. Ensure you supply the office with the things they need, such as paper and cloth towels, dish brush, dish liquid, trash can liners, cleaning sprays, and the likes.

People are used to letting all the dishes stay in the sink for too long. However, doing that could create breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Tell all employees to wash their dishes as soon as they finish using them. Unwashed dishes may also invite more bacteria and even rodents and cockroaches to the area. 

Sometimes, having rules printed out can serve as a good reminder and way to communicate people’s duties. 

We recommend all employees to do their part in the cleaning process, but it is not enough. You still need to do deep cleaning every once in a while to kill the germs and bacteria thriving in all corners of the office. By doing this, you can ensure the health of everyone in the office.


Hiring professional cleaning ensures that the whole pantry will be clean and ready for subsequent use. With the help of a professional cleaning service, you can ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned and washed, freeing them from bacteria, molds, and germs. They know how to keep the place clean and healthy for all employees. 

Should you need professional cleaning services in Las Vegas, we are here to help. Vegas Greener Cleaners provide eco-friendly cleaning services to residential and commercial areas. Get a membership pass for savings on your next cleaning appointment.

3 Speed-Cleaning Hacks Any Vegas Homeowner Should Know

After some time, you’ll quickly realize that one of the more difficult parts of the homeownership experience is the cleaning up process, no matter how simple it can seem.

Whether you’re dealing with a small floor stain or going for a full session, cleaning can make for a rather exhausting experience because of all the different tasks to handle. Yet, while cleaning can seem like a simple and exhausting process, it’s also worth noting that it can be carried out in various ways, and the most common one is speed cleaning.

Everything you need to know about becoming a speed cleaning master

Whether you’ve got family coming over or some guests looking to stay a night or two, there’s no doubt that you’ll run into a situation where you’ll need to clean hard and fast. Well, this is where speed cleaning comes in handy. Often revered as a time-honed practice in the history of American cleaning culture, speed cleaning is a skill that is unparalleled when it comes to keeping everything nice and tidy in dire situations.

Considering that more visitors are becoming pickier about the homes they get into and less restrictive when it comes to making comments, you may have found yourself in a spot where you had to use the same practice. However, up to this point, your attempts to clean quickly may have been less than perfect. Thankfully, becoming great at speed cleaning isn’t as difficult or long-winded as you may expect it to be because you won’t have to spend too many hours getting your home to be spotless. 

With these cleaning hacks, you can transform your home in less than an hour so that your guests feel welcome and you won’t have dust bunnies and dirt around the house: 

Hack #1: Use multipurpose wipes

One of the most time-consuming tasks you can do during a speed clean is setting up your cleaners and rags with various substances, only to wring them and spend minutes doing the same thing again after.

When you swap rags for multi-purpose wipes, you speed up your speed-cleaning process because all you need to do is to deal with a surface, thoroughly wipe it, and throw the remaining cloth out. With this process and tool, you can cut down the amount of time it takes to clean up your home’s high-visibility area while getting a nice finish that makes your home look spotless! 

Hack #2: Keep a timer on

The one way to make your speed cleaning session live up to its name is to have a timer so that you can challenge yourself (while adding some fun music into the mix). By keeping a timer on, you force yourself to move quickly while still enjoying the cleaning process so that you’ll end up with a home that’s clean and a heart that’s full!

Hack #3: Get a professional to help you out

Although this may not necessarily be an on-the-spot tip, the best way to ensure that you speed clean like a pro is to actually enlist the help of an expert who can help you out. When it comes to getting the job done at a lightning-quick pace, it’s worth noting that professionals have the necessary skills, workforce, and capabilities to clean up nice and tidily from start to finish. If you’ve got visitors or guests coming soon, be sure to schedule an appointment with Vegas Greener a week (or even a day) in advance so that you will have a clean house in a jiffy!

Speed cleaning is a skill and art form that anyone should learn and master in their lifetime. Yet, this can be an idea that’s easier said than done if you don’t approach it right. Thankfully, using the three hacks mentioned above can get you started on the right foot and help ensure that you have all the skills you need to clean your room in record time!

Vegas Greener Cleaner is a professional cleaning service provider in Las Vegas and Henderson offering expert eco-friendly cleaning services to leave your home and environment in a better state. Get in touch with us today to book our services and learn more about what we can do!

How to Clean Your Home More Efficiently

Cleaning your home is important, but it can be a tedious task, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate. You want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, we gathered some hacks that we’ve used over the years. As a professional cleaning company, we specialize in efficient cleaning that can make your life easier. 

Clean Your Sponges in the Microwave

Dishwashing sponges must be cleaned, too! Otherwise, they can become disgusting with germs and bacteria. Many homeowners throw them in the washing machine to clean them, but this will take some time. If you want a quick and efficient way to clean them, simply place them in the microwave for 30 seconds. Make sure the sponge is wet and watch while it spins in the microwave. 

Clean Slotted Vents with a Butter Knife & a Rag

Here at Vegas Greener Cleaners, we use tools to clean slotted vents, but we understand that most households don’t have this. Don’t worry; you can still clean them by yourself. We recommend you wrap a wet rag around a butter knife to clean your blinds and slotted vents. 

Use Vinegar for Stains

Indeed, vinegar is one of the most powerful natural cleaners today. You can use it for many things, such as removing water stains and soap scum. Let the water stains soak and scrub them away using a sponge or a toothbrush. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol & Salt for Fabric & Carpet Stains

Those greasy stains on your carpet or fabric furniture are nasty. Instead of replacing your furniture or using other harmful chemicals to remove them, try mixing rubbing alcohol and salt first. 

Mix one part of salt to four parts of alcohol and rub the stain. Let it dry and then put your vacuum to work. 

Use Soft Bread to Pick Up Shards of Glass

Don’t you just hate those shards of glass on the floor? It’s easy to clean the bigger pieces, but many homeowners find traces of the debris after a few days or even weeks. Don’t pick them up with your bare hands, though. Instead, use soft bread and pick up the slivers of glass. That way, you won’t cut yourself!

Use a Lint Roller for Glitter or Sand

Did your kids have so much fun with glitter or sand on the floor? Yes, they can be tedious to clean, but no worries. Use a lint roller to pick them up. 

Steam Clean Your Microwave

Microwaves can be a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things in your kitchen that get neglected the most. Don’t let your microwave stink!

Place a toothpick and equal amounts of water and vinegar in a bowl or glass and heat it to boiling. Open the microwave and let the steam flow inside. When done, wipe down the inside of the microwave. The steam from the water will loosen all the food that was stuck in there without the need to use chemical cleaners. 

A Cleaner Home For You

When you know these cleaning hacks, cleaning your home will be easier. Moreover, you can do it as quickly as you can. Give them a try! 

Are you looking for the best home cleaning in Las Vegas? Who else to call but us here at Vegas Greener Cleaners. We provide eco-friendly cleaning services. Book now!

Here Are the Common Places at Home That You Forget to Maintain

Every time you initiate a general cleaning of your household, you usually get to work and follow a routine you’ve grown accustomed to—which often involves cleaning everything you see in a room. Such routines usually consist of dealing with the laundry, a mountain of dirty dishes, and a dusty carpet.

The moment you put away everything and accomplish your errands, you think you’re done for the day, and you can finally take some time off to recover. Unfortunately, you’ve forgotten about the parts of your home that you don’t always consider because you don’t notice them!

Home cleaning isn’t only about handling your tasks and working in the areas of your house that you can see—it’s also about remembering the specific places you don’t frequently notice. Keep reading below to learn about these places that you tend to forget requires maintenance too.

The Underside of Your Furniture

Every time you clean the area around your bed or couch, it may be a given habit to check underneath them for any signs of dust build-up. If you think that’s all you need to do, then you’re terribly mistaken—you have to spend some effort ensuring the area below your furniture is spotless by lifting to see if their underside has any dirt and dust.

If it’s your first time to do so, you can expect a copious amount of filth sticking to your bed frames, table braces, and even your chair seats. To avoid witnessing that scenario, work to eliminate the grime with a vacuum or dusting wand at least twice a year.

Your Walls and Baseboards

You can witness dust and all sorts of dirt particles fall over vertical surfaces the same way it affects horizontal scopes. If you take time to do so, you will notice how dirty your walls are, that it will make you instantly regret why you didn’t clean them any sooner!

To clean your walls, you can begin using a duster at the very top of it and work your way downwards to make sure you don’t leave behind any muck. Don’t forget to wipe across light switches and doorknobs for good measure! You can end by cleaning your baseboards, as these tend to trap more dust on their ledges. 

On Top of Your Door Frames and Cabinets

Every time you clean out your house, it’s possible that you keep your focus on the things and spaces in front of you that you sometimes forget to look at the places that are beyond your area of vision. It involves maintaining the top of door frames, kitchen and storage cabinets, picture frames, and ceiling corners.

When cleaning the ceiling, you should consider your light fixtures and any ceiling fans and use a duster with an extended handle to give you an easy time dealing with hard-to-reach places. You want to make sure you eliminate any dust and cobwebs present to keep them from falling on you and affecting your health as well.


Maintaining the cleanliness of your home requires you to look past the common areas you find dirty and remember the nooks and crannies you seem to forget to wipe, dust off, and sanitize. If you don’t have the free time to take care of everything on your own, you can consider hiring cleaners near you to perform the necessary services to lighten your load and take care of your home the way you want them to do. 

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Debunking 4 Common Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services

Your office represents your business, so it’s important to keep it as clean, hygienic, and organized as possible. Dirt-streaked windows and cluttered hallways will not impress any of your clients and prospective customers.

All your workers would be more productive in a healthy environment, too. A dirty workplace attracts germs and can cause illness for all the people that work in it. This is why commercial cleaning services are a tremendous help for all businesses.

There are many common myths surrounding commercial cleaning services. No matter what you’ve heard from a friend of a friend, this article is here to help debunk those myths. By the end, you’ll be calling the nearest professional cleaning service!

Myth #1: Commercial Cleaning Services Are Too Expensive

Perhaps the most important thing that keeps business owners from hiring professional cleaners is the pervasive myth that their service is too expensive. To keep costs low, the cleanliness of the office is offloaded to the employees working there. Unfortunately, no layperson will be able to clean their workspace and high-traffic office areas effectively.

Commercial cleaning services are the most cost-effective solution to all your office cleaning problems. Professionals will bring in all the necessary equipment and materials, and they will do the job very effectively based on your set schedule and workplace needs.

The cost of deep cleaning your office will be paid back repeatedly because you won’t ever have to worry about cleanliness! The investment is worth it because you won’t have to buy your own materials, and you will have a healthier, more productive workforce.

Myth #2: Commercial Cleaning Services Are Not Reliable

Just because you’ve heard of one unreliable cleaning service doesn’t mean you should paint all companies with one brush. If you do your due diligence, ask around your area, and hire a reputable cleaning service, rest assured you will only get high-quality service throughout your contract. The best cleaning companies are trustworthy and reliable.

Myth #3: You Don’t Need Professional Cleaners

One of the most persistent myths when it comes to office cleanliness is that you don’t need to do more than the occasional dusting of surfaces and a monthly vacuuming of the carpet.

This could not be further from the truth. Dirt doesn’t need to be visible to be present. A dozen people working in one room 8 hours a day, five days a week, generate a lot of germs and other pollutants that need to be cleaned regularly. Shared bathrooms, pantry areas, and conference rooms are hot zones for bacteria and viruses. Professional cleaners have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to make sure that your workplace is as clean and safe as possible.

Myth #4: Grocery Cleaning Products Are Enough

Some business owners prefer the DIY methods because they believe half-hearted effort from their employees and cleaning products available in the supermarket are enough to keep an office clean.

The truth is, not all cleaning products are created the same. Cleaning companies use professional-grade products to disinfect high traffic areas in your office to ensure that there is no buildup of harmful organisms.


Now that all these myths have been thoroughly debunked, hopefully, this means that you will no longer hesitate to hire a commercial cleaning service for your office. A good cleaning company will deliver fantastic service and make sure that you won’t ever have to worry about a dirty office again!

If you need professional cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV, Vegas Greener Cleaners is here for you. We provide eco-friendly cleaning services for offices, commercial spaces, and houses. Whether you need recurring, one-time, partial, or spot cleanings, we are committed to your satisfaction. Schedule your next cleaning service today!