4 Helpful Tips to Keep a Tidy Rental Home - Our Guide

Home rental owners know that reviews can influence their business. Guests have expectations they want to meet during their stay, and most of the time, their main concern is the cleanliness of their rented property. Unfortunately, even if you cleaned everything thoroughly, some guests may still leave bad reviews if they deem the place unhygienic or untidy. 

Over the years, home rental services like Airbnb have been seen as hotel alternatives, which is why guests also demand the same standard when it comes to cleanliness. With that being said, simply scrubbing every surface is not enough if you want to clean your property to a “hospitality standard.” 

So, as a landlord, what can you do? Here are four helpful tips you can follow to improve your property’s standard of cleanliness:

Create a checklist

Before you get into the cleaning, it is helpful to come up with an effective plan. Grab a piece of paper and create a checklist of the areas that need cleaning before guests arrive. Once you’re done listing, sort the priority order. A helpful tip is to make sure that you dust every corner of the rooms, even in difficult and tight spaces! 

Change your furnishings

Unfortunately, some furnishings are harder to clean than others and you might want to reconsider. For example, carpets are harder to clean since they attract more dust and hair than hardwood floors. Dust also tends to gather in decorations and trinkets all around your home, so you might want to remove a few and use items that don’t attract dust easily. 

Clean the most used items in the house

When it comes to the bathrooms, you need to be extra clean since it’s one of the rooms that guests will use the most. Make sure to clean every inch of the toilet and don’t forget about the base, hinges, and rims! If at all possible, opt for disposable toilet brushes. 

For rooms and the kitchen, check if the light bulbs are still bright or if you need to replace them because they’re dim. Frequently touched items like TV remotes and phones should also be cleaned thoroughly. To make your cutlery and glassware shiny and clean, use non-stick dishwasher tablets. When it comes to the bed, keep the linens wrinkle-free and spray fresh tap water on the sheets. 

Hire professional services

If you’re dealing with a big house or simply can’t do it alone, you can always seek the help of professional cleaning services. Cleaning takes time and hiring cleaners will save you hours. Since they are trained professionals, they might clean some of the areas you overlooked. They are also more equipped with the right tools when it comes to dusting, disinfecting, and cleaning different parts of the house. Unfortunately, many Airbnb hosts are hesitant about hiring professionals since they worry about the costs. But here’s some good news: there are affordable choices out there that can do the job and you get more than what your money’s worth!


It’s not impossible to clean your home rentals to achieve “hospitality standards” but you need to devote a lot of time and effort to do it. You will need to plan and prioritize all the things that need cleaning. In addition, you also have to buy the tools that will help keep your home tidy. So, if you don’t have enough time or energy to do it, call professional cleaning services to help you. These services don't have to be expensive either!
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How to Prepare for Your Cleaning Service

We’re excited to be cleaning your space! To ensure you get the best results possible, we created an easy 3-step process that you can follow to prepare for your cleaning service.

Step 1:  Understand what your service includes - We created several cleaning packages that serve our customer and client cleaning needs. Please check our service checklists ahead of your service so you know exactly what our cleaners have been instructed to clean. Click here to learn more about our cleaning checklists and exactly what’s included in your service.

If you purchased a Groupon, please click here to learn more about our Groupon service.

Also, as much as we'd love to, for insurance reasons, there are certain things we cannot clean. Click here to learn more about what we cannot clean. If there are additional things you’d like to add to your service, please contact us by phone or email.

Step 2: Clear the designated cleaning areas of personal items — Our cleaning professionals are there clean the surfaces of the designated areas of your home, office or space. To maximize your service time,  we ask that you remove all  your personal items (like clothes, important papers, jewelry, money, toys, items intended for the trash etc). 

Step 3: Countdown to your cleaning service and kick back and relax! Once it’s time to clean your space, if you’ve prepared your home by following the steps mentioned above, our team will be able to work their magic while you sit back and relax. Once your service is done, you’ll get a chance to look it all over to make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction. 

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