Thinking Spring Cleaning? Go Green

Natural Cleaning Products: Good for the Health

Spring cleaning is one of top things your house needs after the long winter days. Removing dirt, dust and mold is essential in keeping your family safe from illnesses. That is why choosing the best cleaning products for the house is important as it determines the health of the entire family. Natural or green cleaning products have always been a better alternative over the synthetic ones. These don’t have harsh chemicals that irritate and compromise breathing.

Safe to use

Green cleaning products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and very safe to use. These are a good choice especially when there are kids or elderly in the house. Most commercial cleaning products have dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia and perchloroethylene. These pose health risks to anyone directly exposed to such chemicals. That is why natural cleaning products (oil or mineral-based) are trending today as it impacts a lot on health.  

Air quality is better

With green cleaning products based on oil, your house will not only be clean, but smell oh so good too! Think of it as an aromatherapy each time you clean the entire place. You no longer have to let the kids out each time you clean the house because there will no longer be that harsh stench produced by cleaners with chemicals. Family members will less likely to have allergy triggers because air quality is good.

Healthy family

No harsh chemicals mean that the health of the family won’t be compromised. There will be no hazardous fumes or toxic substances that stick to the linen. Green cleaners only have natural ingredients which may be mineral or oil based and these don’t cause health problems. When using synthetic cleaners often, immune-compromised or children develop respiratory illnesses such as asthma. 

Natural cleaning products are a better alternative if you want to preserve the good health of the entire family. These products don’t use much antibacterial substances, so possible resistance to bacterial formation on the surfaces in the house won’t develop. Citrus oils are refreshing therefore having these in your cleaners will help promote a stress-free and healthy life.


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